I’m happy to share my artwork and collaborations here on my site..

Drawing, painting, sketching, photography has always been my passion.

The story about my imavia.com domain goes back to 2005. Since then, my site has been online to share my photographic artwork, creative moments and much more. It evolved recently to include the AI work I’m into these days.

… By the way, the imavia logo is inspired by the green target you see when looking through the viewfinder of vintage cameras. Since 2005 my site has one consistent goal : getting the image (ima) on it’s way (via)
truly yours, Pascal Specht


The ai-nigma project combines human creativity with the power of artifical intelligence to create composite artwork. ai-nigma specifically generates attractive compositions from AI generated tiles. Follow this link see the project in detail.

This page explains the secrets behind the ai-nigma algorithm. See details of the composition and get a glance at some of the over 600 tiles

Below are the links to the galleries


traditional and digital photography, macro, landscape, … and galleries of friends.

Artificial Intelligence

A selection of generated images and the composition of images from tiles generated by generative AI.


Acrylic, gouache, oil painting, etc., and paintings created with the help of robots.


Robotics, home automation, programming, games, etc… can be found on my dedicated website:

éclairages réciproques

(mutual lightings)

This collaboration project between Laurent Soudier and Pascal Specht was on exhibition in Paris during 2008. It’s a book where Laurent wrote the texts, inspired by my photographies. We had three exhibitions and made a book: See the book here.

« some day you should translate this into a photography » – « some day it’ll be your turn to put words on that image »

“a boy floods the floor of his room with water to set afloat a transatlantic liner, at the same time a girl entertains her turtle with a dedicated trumpet concert » – all this is definitively possible since bananas got zippers to make life easier.

Pascal Specht, creator of the ai-nigma project.

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